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What is an industrial vibrator ? by B. CASADIO

The invention of the vibrator dates back to the start of the industrial age. It is a piece of equipment generally of very large size which enables vibrations to be induced on very diverse materials. The applications are fairly numerous.

An industrial vibrator is a mechanical device used to produce vibrations. It is used in many industrial sectors: smelting, the metal industry, civil engineering, materials handling... It can use diverse mechanisms: electromagnetic, pneumatic, linear or rotary. Electromagnetic vibrators are used for compaction, packaging, low flow dosing or catering. Pneumatic vibrators are usually used on building sites, in quarries or mines. For their part, linear vibrators are specially designed for small fragile parts, heavier or bulkier parts requiring precision work: grinding, deflashing, polishing, deburring... Finally, rotary vibrators are used in particular for making holes in drilling work.

In order to determine the industrial vibrator that you need, you first need to determine with precision the site in which you intend to work, the maximum temperature that the environment reaches as well as the level of protection necessary. There are international standards in place to guarantee that each vibrator enables work to be carried out in complete safety in spaces containing potentially explosive materials. Namely, the standards IEC EN 61241-0 and 61241-1. The website of Bruno CASADIO allows you to determine the appropriate vibrator according to its area of function.

One of the possible applications of an industrial vibrator is the vibrating table: A vibrating table allows you to compact or reduce powders, to vibrate concrete and to pack food products as well as industrial products. Its high performance enables it to have various fields of application for the distribution of products which can be either liquid or solid in a homogeneous and regular way. Accordingly, ACBMV B. CASADIO tables can serve in all kinds of industry (quarrying, building and civil engineering, agribusiness...).

It is different from vibrating conveyors composed of a vibrator and a trough used for dosing, sorting and conveying pharmaceutical, agribusiness or industrial products. The vibrator of a conveyor can be a pneumatic vibrator, an electric vibrator or indeed electromagnetic.