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vibrators B. CASADIO

pneumatic vibrators casadio
pneumatic vibrators

Pneumatic vibrators have many different uses.

electromagnetic vibrators TPM VIBELEC
electromagnetic vibrators

VIBELEC's electromagnetic vibrators are specialized for conveying and metering.

Leaf springs Lamelles vibrantes VIBELEC
Leaf springs

Composite leaf springs designed for vibrating bowl feeder.

Expert about vibration since 1972

Bruno Casadio will answer all your requests about vibration.
Choisir son vibrateur
Choosing vibrators for each place

We can help you to choose the best vibrator for your need.
the environment in which the electric vibrator is working must be classified by defining the area, the maximum temperature and, if necessary, the required type of protection.

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The company ACBMV B. Casadio makes and sells numerous types of vibrators. For more informations about vibration, for industrial, food or pharma production, see Bruno Casadio's advises.

* Here are the vibrators we advise for each zone.