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High fixed frequency electric vibrators with fixed connection ITVAF

Specifications of vibrators ITVAF


ACBMV B. CASADIO produces 2 series of electric vibrators with frequency variation which can be applied to systems and machines in the precasting industry: ITV-VR Series, with variable frequency; ITVAF Series, with fixed frequency. The ITV-VR series electric vibrators are able to provide a centrifugal force of up to 5300 Kgf (52 kN) at a frequency varying from 0 to 6.000 rpm. The ITVAF series electric vibrators with fixed vibration (6000 or 9000 rpm) provide a vibrating energy of up to 1480 Kgf (14,6 kN). Both are available with either the fixed or cradle connection.

Power supply

Three-phase voltage from 24V to 690V at the various frequencies, depending on the type and series. It is advisable to use the Vibravar, Multivar or the CFV variable high frequency power suppliers to power the electric vibrators.

Conformity with European Directives

Low Voltage 2006/95/EC.

Reference Regulations

EN 60034-1.


Continuous service (S1) at the maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power values.

Centrifugal force

Range extended up to 5300 kgf (52kN) with force output adjustable from 0 to 100%.

Mechanical protection

IP66 according to IEC 529, EN 60529; IK08 protection against impact.

Insulation class

Class F (155°C).


Standard on all vibrators, with vacuum encapsulation up to size AF33 and for frame size AF70, with “drop by drop” trickle system for sizes AF50 and AF68.

Ambient temperature

To operate correctly, from -20°C to +40°C.

Vibrator thermal protection

With PTC rated thermistor heat detectors 130°C installed as part of the standard assembly size AF70 onwards. Also on request thermistors with different temperatures and anti-condensation heaters can be assembled on the lower sizes.

Fixing of the vibrator

In all positions and therefore without restriction. Two different types of connection are available for the ITV-VR and ITVAF series: fixed connection, where the electric vibrators are connected to the structure by bolts through fixing holes and the RS cradle connection, where the electric vibrators are connected to the structure with the standardized cradle type RS2 except for frame size AF10, for this the cradle fixing is type RS1.


All the electric vibrators are correctly lubricated in our factory and need no further lubrication when used. Special grease for high-speed operation is used for frame sizes AF50, AF68 and AF70 a periodic re-lubrication is recommended by means of special grease nipples. The excess grease is discharged into the weight compartment by means of the differentiated labyrinth system.

Terminal box

Generously sized to make the electrical connections easier. Special shaped terminals allow to fix the power supply cable.

Electric motor

Three-phase asynchronous type.


Specifically designed for high speed duty. In high tensile strength aluminium alloy for frame sizes AF10, AF30 and AF33. In spheroidal cast iron for sizes AF50, AF68 and AF70.


A special shape, exclusively designed and made for this vibrator and able to bear strong loads at high speeds.

Motor shaft

in treated steel alloy (isothermic hardering) able to withstand high stress.

Eccentric weights

Specially shaped lamellar type that can be easily adjusted.

Weight covers

In aluminium alloy treated with rust inhibitor. They are perfectly dustproof, watertight and offer optimum shock resistance in all conditions of use and work environments.


Electrostatic surface treatment based on polymerised epoxy polyester powder in oven at 200°C. Tested in salt spray for 500 hours.


Comply with the applicable European Union directives